Tips on Avoiding Vehicle Engine Overheating


If your engine is getting excessively hot, shut it down and investigate, continuing to drive could cost you thousands of dollars in engine repairs. Also note that the temperature gauge does not register correctly once you have lost the water /coolant. A gauge reading cold does not necessarily mean the engine is not overheating

It is important to keep the cooling system in good condition.

Common problems:

Radiators. These days, radiators usually have plastic tanks. As with most plastic, it has a service life of approximately 10 years. After this time the tanks usually show signs of perishing and cracking.

Coolant hoses are a rubber product and also have a service life of about 10 years.


Coolant / Corrosion Inhibitor

Quality coolant performs two jobs, one to raise the boiling point of the cooling system.  The second job is to prevent corrosion in the cooling system.

Good quality coolant used in the right concentration will protect and prolong the life of your vehicle’s cooling system and engine.

We use genuine manufacturers coolants where possible, it is probably the coolant already in your cooling system, so you are not mixing different brands. Also it is compatible with your engine.


These pictures show: corrosion of the thermo housing and scale build up in the radiator, a quality coolant will help to prevent these issues.


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