Pete’s Garage is an “approved inspection station” and can issue a Road Worthy Certificate and Safety Certificate for your vehicle.
(Depending on your vehicle meeting Queensland Transport Department standards).

Roadworthy / Safety Certificates ….What you need to Know

A current Safety Certificate is required to transfer vehicle registration between owners.

A “Safety Certificate” covers a basic vehicle safety inspection; it is not a pre-purchase check and should not be relied on as such. It covers items such as:

Tyres, brakes, lights, seat belts, suspension, body-rust, windscreen and basic safety items. It will not necessarily tell you if the vehicle has been well looked after and is mechanically sound.

When buying a car have it inspected by an independent mechanic.

The person selling the car is legally required to supply the buyer with a current Safety Certificate. DO NOT buy a registered vehicle without a Safety Certificate. Problems occur if a vehicle is purchased without a Safety Certificate and it requires expensive repairs that the seller is responsible for, and they already have your money!


If selling your car, you are legally required to supply a current Safety Certificate before you advertise it for sale. Queensland Transport will issue hefty fines for any vehicle they find advertised for sale without a current Safety Certificate.

Quite often we have a seller present a vehicle for a Safety Certificate inspection after it has been sold. The problems arise when faults are found requiring expensive repairs; this is usually after a price has been settled on with the buyer.

When we carry out a vehicle inspection for a Safety Certificate the price is set by Queensland Transport. The price covers the cost of the inspection whether the vehicle passes or not.

If it passes we will issue the Safety Certificate. If it fails, you will be issued with a failure slip and a list of required repairs. You will have 14 days to carry out the repairs and re-present the car for a second inspection at no extra cost. If the car is presented after 14 days, a new inspection must be carried out, and the fee re-charged.

If the car is not presented for the second inspection, we are required to send a report to Queensland Transport stating the faults we had found. Queensland Transport may follow this up.

A Safety Certificate is a legal document and Queensland Transport make very strict rules and guidelines. They are uncompromising and unsympathetic, and if they feel we have missed or overlooked something, they can issue very large fines for infringements. If we inspect your car, it is done with this in mind, and we will carry out a fair but thorough inspection.


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