brake-serviceDuring regular service, or as separate job, we will check the condition of  the  brake pads, rotors, shoes, drums, brake-cylinders, pipes and flex hoses. We will also check the condition and moisture content of the brake fluid.

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the brake hydraulic fluid every 2 years This is an important service item, quite often overlooked


Quite often brake pads have an audible warning scraper to warn when the pads are due for replacement.  This scraper will cause a very loud high pitch squeal when the pads reach a minimum thickness.  This is your warning to have your brakes checked without delay!


DISC MACHINING available and usually recommended with brake pad replacement to eliminate brake pedal pulse, steering wheel shake and brake noise.

Disc rotors do have a minimum thickness and sometimes are found to  require replacement


disk2Good quality rotors are readily available are very reasonable prices

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